More from Eastbourne on April 20th

We were greeted by a bright sunny day at Eastbourne for our first match of the season – though a cool breeze was against the sprinters and indeed against the horizontal jumpers. Not quite sure why the jumpers were jumping into the wind when there was a sand-pit at both ends of the run-up.

We were able to fill all the ladies events except for the 2 longer races, but the mens team had more holes in it. Indeed we were unable to field a team in either of the mens relays at the end of the day.

We had some good early performances with a new pb from Ryan Spivey when winning the high jump with 1.81 metres – and he later won the javelin with 45.53 metres. The early long jump for ladies saw a double first from Abby Beswick (4.82 metres) and Sarah Rusling (4.55 metres). And the first track event also saw a double first from Sarah Killick-Bird and Sarah Bentley in the ladies 400 metres hurdles. Unfortunately after the race it was discovered that one of the flights of hurdles had not been put out. While the result stood, the times were of no use.

In her first match for the club Hannah Jones recorded two good second places in the B string 800 metres and 400 metres and it was good to see Gemma Francis competing again. She teamed up with Chloe Hollamby – who was suffering from a very heavy cold – to produce another double first in the javelin. Chloe throwing 23.69 metres and Gemma 22.07 metres. Chloe later won the 200 metres in 27.3 seconds and then joined forces with mum Janet to earn 2 second places in the discus.

As usual the ladies triple jump brought us good points – though not a double first this time – with Abby Beswick second in the A string with 9.32 metres and Sarah Rusling winning the B string with 9.20 metres. However I think it fair to say that both of them were a bit disappointed with their distances.

The last individual event on the track – the ladies 1500 metres steeplechase – brought us another double first with Ellie Killick-Bird first A string with 6 minutes 0.9 seconds and sister Sarah first in the B string with 6 minutes 20.2 seconds. Ellie will look to go under 6 minutes next time.

A little more on the men. As above Ryan was the only male to win an event though a double second came in the hammer with Phil Spivey’s 50.89 metres and Eddie Vermeer’s 25.00 metres. Lincoln Campbell came to the match with a hamstring injury but hobbled along in both his sprint races to earn points and Graham Taylor again filled in with events he really shouldn’t be doing. However his 400 metres and 800 metres in 74.0 seconds and 2 minutes 58.9 seconds were both new club records for the over 60 category.

The team’s next match is on Sunday May 19th with the short trip to K2 to face Crawley, Holland Sports and, rather surprisingly, Invicta East Kent again (perhaps a mistake here ?). Let’s look for a few more male athletes to support the ladies.

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