News from April 6th and 7th Open Meetings

I’ve now seen all the official results from Open Meetings held over last weekend April 6th and 7th and so I can tell you what happened.

Chloe Hollamby again had a busy weekend with a meeting at Basingstoke on Saturday and Crystal Palace on Sunday – maybe not quite as cold as it has been but still windy. At Basingstoke the wind was behind the sprinters. Chloe won her 200 metres heat in 26.46 seconds and then later in the final she was just beaten into second place by 0.01 seconds – but with a new pb of 26.11 seconds. In the 300 metres she was an easy winner in 42.50 seconds – she would have liked somebody to have pushed her harder.

Then the trip to Crystal Palace for the Hercules Wimbledon Open Meeting and the wind was now against the sprinters. In her 100 metres race Chloe got off to a dreadful start but managed to make up the difference to win in 13.66 seconds. In the 200 metres she again didn’t start too well but her strength at the end gave her second place in 27.09 seconds

Meanwhile at Bournemouth Abby Beswick took part in the local club’s spring Open Meeting. Two field events saw her long-jumping 4.62 metres and then winning the triple jump with 9.29 metres – rather less than she was hoping for. However the highlight was the 80 metres hurdles where she went under 13 seconds for the first time to win her race in 12.8 seconds

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