Results from Crawley Open Meeting on April 14th

I can now tell you more about what happened at last Sunday’s Open Meeting at K2. It was good to see 10 of our athletes taking part – some of them competing for the first time – with a number of good performances. The weather was better than it has been for other Open Meetings although the wind was blowing into the face of the sprinters and hurdlers – and probably meant their times were 0.2 or 0.3 seconds slower than they would have otherwise been.

On the track we had Hannah Sands coming second in her under 13 100 metres race in 15.80 seconds and she followed this with an 800 metres run of 2 minutes 55.69 seconds. Also running over 800 metres was Dylan Holland and he did very well to win his under 13 boys race in 2 minutes 46.86 seconds. We also had Henry Aronson in his first track race when he came a very good second in the under 13 boys 1200 metres with a time of 4 minutes 26.54 seconds.

On the field we had two under 15 shot-putters with Vicki Pellett coming second with 7.76 metres and Lizzy Aronson in her first competition with 5.44 metres. Among the jumpers Lois Drummie was first in her under 15 high jump with 1.50 metres – not quite getting over 1.55 metres. Abby Beswick would have liked slightly further distances in her long and triple jumps where she jumped 4.56 metres and 9.60 metres respectively. Also in the triple jump Sarah Killick-Bird jumped 9.65 metres and Lois 9.23 metres.

And lastly it was good to see Mia Russell competing again in the under 13 long jump where she finished third with 3.78 metres.

We have got used to seeing Abby Beswick and Lois Drummie doing well in the hurdles, and they were joined this time by Oli Stuart. Oli won his under 13 75 metres hurdles race in 13.60 seconds which beat his best from last year. Oli was already second in our all-time under 13 hurdles list and it will be interesting to see if, over the summer, he can get close to Ryan Spivey’s under 13 club record of 12.8 seconds.

Lois won her under 15 75 metres hurdles race in 12.35 seconds and Abby won her under 17 80 metres hurdles race in 13.09 seconds (though I should point out that there were 2 races for under 17s and the winner of the other race was faster than Abby).

Well done to all of the athletes – it is really beginning to feel that the season is about to explode into action. I can’t wait for this Saturday’s first league match to get us under way.

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