News from K2 – Thursday evening for under 13s and Sunday afternoon for seniors

It’s been a busy few days with 2 league matches in the last few days (and even busier for some of our athletes with various school competitions over the last week as well). On Thursday evening our youngest athletes had their first Sussex Under 13 league match of the season at K2 – for a number of our athletes this was their first experience of club athletics.

We were a bit short of girls and at one time Hannah Sands looked like being our only athlete, but Hannah Clark and Katherine Woodhouse were late additions, with under 11 Amy Ellis doing some non-scoring. We had lots of boys there plus a couple of under 11s – Daniel O’Sullivan and Chas Barker – for some non-scoring. We could have done with a bit more volunteering from the boys to take on some of the B string throws.

Competing against Crawley and Horsham is always tough and these two clubs dominated the evening. We were not able to get any first places (although Henry Aronson was first in the non-scoring 600 metres in 1 minute 58.4 seconds) but there were a spattering of second places. Ben Beard (6.52 metres) in the shot and Kiall Fellows (16.14 metres) in the discus came second in their A string events with Dylan Holland second in the B string 1000 metres in 3 minutes 31.8 seconds with Fintan Monge’s long jump of 3.08 metres gaining him second place in the B string long jump. Ben Beard threw a good 18.31 metres in the javelin but found this only got him third place. Similarly Hannah Sands in the girls javelin found her throw of 13.34 metres only good enough for third place.

However all the athletes who were there – Paddy Mayo, Luke Hoskins, Alistair Schofield, Scott Shephard and Alfie Cubberley in addition to those already mentioned –took part with great enthusiasm and when the points were added up we had finished fourth out of the 6 teams taking part. Crawley and Horsham were way in front with Haywards Heath just ahead of us. Chichester and Worthing finished behind us. Our full results will soon appear on the “leagues” section of the website.


Sunday saw us return to K2 for the second Southern Athletics League match of the season for our senior athletes. For the first time this year the weather was a little more summer-like with some warm sunshine during the second part of the afternoon. We had a number of athletes appearing for the first time in the senior league – Gemma Hayes and Caroline Burgess (Cara’s mum) for the ladies and Nori Ishii, Ryan King, Lee Clark, Ryan Humber and Matt Garrett for the men. There were a number of excellent performances but the star of our team was Ryan Spivey who set new pbs in all 4 of his events. He started with a 1.87 metres high jump, followed by 5.89 metres in the long jump (we’re still waiting for 6 metres though), 47.89 metres with the javelin and at the end of the day he went over 13 metres in the triple jump for the first time with a best of 13.53 metres. First places in three of these events with the long jump the odd one out in that respect. Also in the triple jump Nori Ishii improved his best to 11.27 metres and for the ladies Abby Beswick at last went over 10 metres with a best of 10.26 metres.

Elsewhere a new club record in the under 17 ladies discus came from Chloe Hollamby when she won with 27.37 metres and Janet Hollamby made it a family double first when she threw 14.33 metres. Another double first came in the ladies 800 metres from Ellie Killick-Bird and Stef Ripley and, in the last individual track event of the day, Ellie and sister Sarah served up a double first in the steeplechase.

Crawley won the match with 306 points with ourselves 50 points behind. However Holland Sports and Invicta East Kent were way behind and in many of the events there were only 4 or 5 athletes – we could have done with a little more competition. Our results are on the “leagues” page of the website. The next senior match is on Saturday June 15th when we are the hosts. We’ll be back at K2 and competing against Belgrave, Chichester and Poole Runners.

What’s happening this week ?

Tuesday May 21st – training for all athletes at Imberhorne from 7

Thursday May 23rd – training for all athletes at Imberhorne from 7

Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th – Sussex County Championships at K2 and Surrey County Championships at Kingston

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