Last Saturday at Salisbury

A busy couple of days with the Sussex Under 15 league on Friday evening at Horsham followed by the coach trip to Salisbury on Saturday morning for the senior match. I don’t yet have the Friday results and so I’ll have to write about that match later. However we have the full results from Saturday to talk about.

We had a rather blustery wind blowing at Salisbury and it didn’t really seem to help any of the athletes – wherever you stood at the track the wind seemed to be either against you or across you. Our ladies were able to cover most of the events, but the men were again a little bit short in the hurdles and the longer track events. We were up against Plymouth, Bracknell, Sutton as well as the host club. As usually happens being the host club makes it easier to get athletes to the match and Salisbury were able to fill most of the events – while both Sutton and Bracknell had relatively small teams.

We had a reasonable number of first places, especially among the ladies. Chloe Hollamby’s excellent summer continued when she won the A string 400 metres in 60.8 seconds and later the A string 200 metres in 26.2 seconds. At the end of the day she was part of the victorious 4 x 100 metres relay team along with Abby Beswick, Hannah Jones and Sarah Rusling. Abby made it a double first in the 200 metres when she won the B string race in 28.0 seconds (and she earlier had won the B string long jump – with her only valid jump out of 6 attempts).

Another double first came in the ladies triple jump where Sarah Rusling’s last round jump of 10.26 metres won her the A string, while Sarah Killick-Bird won the B string with 9.77 metres. Sarah K-B also won her 2 A string hurdles races – and in the 100 metres hurdles race we had the rare sight of East Grinstead athletes filling the first 3 places. Tessa Martin was second in a non-scoring role with Sarah Bentley winning the B string. Sarah Rusling added another first place in her first 100 metres race for a number of years, winning the B string in 13.8 seconds. Ellie Killick-Bird came close to clearing 1.60 metres in the high jump after she had won the event with 1.53 metres

The throws were a little bit tougher with just one first place – Janet Hollamby winning the B string hammer with 16.21 metres while Tessa Martin as A string got over 18 metres this time – I think there were prizes for Tessa if she went over 20 metres. Hannah Peadon had a busy afternoon doing all 4 throws (with a first attempt as non-scoring in the hammer with over 16 metres) and Ellie Peadon’s healthy 21.65 metres discus throw was only good enough for third place.

And in the warm sunshine Georgina Tasker stuck to the task of running both the 3000 and 1500 metres races – both faster than she ran in the previous match.

The men found the going much tougher than the ladies – simply because the other teams normally had better athletes than we did. A couple of first places from the Spiveys with dad Phil throwing the hammer 49.12 metres (Eddie Vermeer second in the B string with 32.11 metres) and son Ryan winning the 400 metres A string in 52.8 seconds. Otherwise it was a case of doing the best we could. Phil Rogers, somewhat strangely, was allowed to attempt 1.42 metres in the high jump after he had cleared 1.40 metres. He was able to clear that height before the competition started to go up in 5 centimetre steps. Even the horizontal jumps, where we normally do well, were hard work – because of the opposition. For example Daniel Rusling’s long jump of 5.63 metres will often get a second or third place – but here it only got him fifth place in the A string.

While no scores were given out during the afternoon it seemed fairly obvious that Salisbury were going to come top and that Plymouth were likely to outscore us for second place. And that’s how it turned out with Salisbury first with 255 points. However the gap between Plymouth and ourselves was much smaller than I was expecting – Plymouth scored 200 points and were just one point behind with 199 ahead of Bracknell’s 152 and Sutton’s 110.


What’s happening this week ?

Tuesday July 23rd – training for all at Imberhorne Upper School from 7

Thursday July 25th – Sussex Under 13 league match at Horsham. Meet there by 6.15.

Thursday July 25th – training for rest of athletes at Imberhorne from 7

Sunday July 28th – under 17 and under 20 match at Erith

Sunday July 28th – under 13 inter-counties match at Kingston. Good luck to Oli Stuart, Mia Russell. (Kiall Fellows is a reserve for this match as well.)


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