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East Grinstead Athletics Club is always looking for volunteers to help our athletes develop and progress. There are three basic levels of assistance that you can provide the club and this depends on how far you would like to develop a role for yourself in the club.

At the beginning, there is a choice of either becoming an Athletics Leader (for ages 16+), Coaching Assistant (for ages 18+) or a Leader in Running Fitness.

An Athletics Leader course (1 day) teaches you the basic principles of running, jumping and throwing. On completion of the course, you’re insured to deliver activities under the direct supervision of a coach.

A Coaching Assistant course (2 days) provides more technical coaching knowledge to underpin running, jumping and throwing activities. On completion of the course, you’re insured to deliver activies whilst being supervised by a coach at the same venue.

A Leadership In Running Fitness course (1 day) provides a focus ont he safe organisation of achievable and progressive running and how to lead a group of runners of varying ability.

We will support you in any choice you make and there are opportunities to help with funding the costs of the courses. All we ask in return is that you help out on a regular pattern on training nights so that we can ensure sessions are organised to make the best use of all leaders, assistants and coaches skills to help our athletes.

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