Graham Taylor’s London to Brighton 100k run this Saturday

Graham Taylor will be taking part in the London to Brighton run this coming Saturday May 24th – a distance of about 100 kilometres, or for those of us who can only think in miles it’s 62 miles. To me that seems a crazy thing to do, but that’s Graham. He is raising money for Young Epilepsy in Lingfield and you can help Graham’s cause by going to

The run starts from Richmond at 7 am and will pass by Tulleys Farm (which is the half-way point) before climbing up to Turners Hill. Graham would love to see some familiar friendly faces along the route. It’s clearly difficult to predict what sort of time he will be reaching Tulleys and Turners Hill – perhaps somewhere between 1 and 2 o’clock ?

Our facebook pages – including a copy of the article in the local press – can tell you more. Let’s hope the weather is on Graham’s side and we wish him well for this run.

 A reminder of what’s happening for the rest of this week

THURSDAY MAY 22nd – training for all at Imberhorne from 7

SATURDAY MAY 24th – Graham Taylor’s 100 kilometres run from London to Brighton

SATURDAY MAY 24th – Academy training at Imberhorne from 10.30 to 11.30

SATURDAY MAY 24th – Day 1 of County Championships

SUNDAY MAY 25th – Day 2 of County Championships

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