How Graham Taylor got from London to Brighton last Saturday

Would you like to guess how long it took Graham Taylor to complete his London to Brighton run last Saturday ? It was pouring with rain when he started at 7 am alongside the River Thames and the rain re-appeared from time to time for the rest of the run.

And it wasn’t a nice easy road run. Much of the run took place along footpaths – which were of course wet, slippery and muddy because of the rain – and many of the footpaths were overgrown with tree roots, fallen trees, with many styles and wooden bridges to contend with. If you thought that some of the winter cross-country courses were tough – well this was much harder (as well as being longer). And as with all runs from London to Brighton there were the South Downs to contend with at the end.

So when do you think Graham arrived in Brighton ? About 19 hours after he started at just before 2 o’clock on Sunday morning – having spent some 4 or 5 hours at the end of the course running in the dark.

Still time for you to make a donation to Graham’s charity Young Epilepsy on

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