Cancellation of today’s under 13 and under 15 match at Dartford

As some of you will be well aware today’s under 13 and under 15 match at Dartford was cancelled – though nobody told us until we got there. Thanks to Sarah Hennessy for making lots of phone-calls from the track to stop many of you from travelling round the M25.

We don’t really know why nobody told us. Nobody told Hastings either – they came by coach at a cost of £500 !! We understand that the track had already been booked and that nobody seemed to know there was due to be a league match taking place.

We’ll have to wait and see if the match will be re-arranged – we’ll let you know. The next match in this league is on SATURDAY JULY 19th at Gillingham. However before then we have an under 15 match at Horsham on Friday July 4th while the next under 13 match is on Thursday July 24th at Horsham.

What’s happening over the next week ?

TUESDAY JUNE 24th – training for all at Imberhorne from 7.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 25th – open meeting at K2.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 25th – last day for entry to Sussex Under 11 and Under 13 championships.

THURSDAY JUNE 26th – training for all at Imberhorne from 7.

SATURDAY JUNE 28th – academy at Imberhorne from 10.30.

SUNDAY JUNE 29th – under 17 and under 20 match at Ashford.

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