News of forthcoming changes to training sessions

Changes to training sessions coming soon

With March now not far away we are shortly going to see changes in our training sessions as we begin to get ready for the summer competitive season. I’ll give you more details in the next week or so but in particular you should know that starting on Tuesday March 15 we will be training on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Imberhorne – for all age-groups. And we will then be training on both Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of the spring and summer.

We are also planning an extra Easter holiday session for our under 13 athletes. This is planned to be on the morning of Wednesday April 6 at Imberhorne. Again more details later.

And our first league match is now less than 7 weeks away – our senior athletes will have their first match on Saturday April 16 at Eastbourne.

What’s happening over the next week ?

Tuesday March 1 – circuits session at Imberhorne from 7.30.

Thursday March 3 – training for all at Imberhorne. Juniors from 7 and seniors from 7.30.

Saturday March 5 – long and triple jump session at Imberhorne from 10.

Sunday March 6 – training at East Court from 10.30 to 11.45. This is the last East Court session. Next Sunday will be at Imberhorne.

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