Wet on Thursday, hot on Sunday

It’s been a funny few days

On Thursday afternoon it decided to rain and it continued to do so until about 7.30 – by which time we had decided to cancel the evening train session at Imberhorne. The track was indeed very wet.

But by Sunday for the under 17 and under 20 match at Erith we had it warm, sunny and dry following thunder and lightning overnight – though hardly anyone else seemed to have had the storms that we did.

We had 10 athletes for the Sunday match where we combined with athletes from Lewes, Eastbourne and Haywards Heath to form what is called Team Sussex. All our athletes contributed to the team and we think Team Sussex won the match.

The warm sunshine made it great jumping, throwing and sprinting weather, though the longer distance runners might well have preferred it a little cooler. The weather certainly looked after Dorian Szatmari who long-jumped exactly 6 metres early on and then produced 6.20 metres with his last jump – first time over 6 metres. He also ran a sharp 100 metres. Kit O’Callaghan gained from the sun with a 5.16/10.45 double in the long/triple jump.

Another couple of pbs came Rebekah Tyler’s way with her first ever shot putt over 10 metres with 10.21 metres – followed by 13.4 seconds in the 100. Jack Sanders carries on improving his throws pbs by a few centimetres at a time – this time in the shot and javelin.

And good to see new members Georgie Tingley and Sophie Ivanec getting a taste of club athletics matches.

Thursday training at Sackville this week

We are training at Sackville this Thursday evening as Imberhorne is closed from Monday to Friday this week. Back to Imberhorne on the following Thursday.

Sussex Schools Combined Events Championships on Wednesday May 30

I don’t know how many athletes we have competing in the schools combined events match on Wednesday at K2. Best of luck to them.

Just one league match over this coming weekend with an under 15 evening match on Friday June 1

As is often the way with the athletic timetable we tend to have few matches over the first weekend in each summer month – a time for our athletes and our judges to take a rest. This coming Friday our Under 15 team have their first Sussex league match of the season at the Broadbridge Heath track. Phil Rogers is contacting you. It starts at 6pm.

What’s happening over the coming week ?

Tuesday May 29 – training at Sackville School from 7 to 8.

Wednesday May 30 – schools combined events championships at K2.

Thursday May 31 – training this evening from 7 to 8 at SACKVILLE this week as Imberhorne is closed over the half-term week.

Friday June 1 – under 15 match at Broadbridge Heath. First event 6pm.

Saturday June 2 – Academy training at Imberhorne from 11 to 12.

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