Just 8 athletes (and only one girl) for our last under 13 match

Last under 13 and under 15 matches of the summer

We had the under 15s at Brighton on Friday evening, with a few regulars not able to compete. Overall we finished fifth. We only had one first place and that was in the very last event of the evening. Our 4 x 300 boys relay team has been excellent all season and at each match they have beaten the club record that they set in the previous match. And this they achieved again as they held off a strong Crawley squad for another new club record of 2 minutes 52.8 seconds.

The under 13 match on Sunday afternoon at K2 in Crawley was disappointing because of the number of athletes who weren’t there. Just one girl (Katya Kashubina) and 7 boys (Jed defriend, Albert Holroyd, Jason Sullivan, Lucas Cordingley, Elliot Head, Mobi Floyd and Archie Kessell) were there and inevitably we came last in the match. The 8 athletes that were there however came up with a number of pbs and simply got on with things – thanks very much to them. I was a bit down in the dumps when I arrived at the match (because of our lack of athletes) but the group of 8 lifted my spirits over the afternoon. We don’t have full results just yet and I’ll update when I can.

Combined Events Championships

The Sussex and Surrey Combined Events championships take place over the weekend of September 8 and 9 at the Sutton track. We have a number of athletes taking part – Phil Rogers and Oliver Harnett in the masters pentathlon, 3 under 17 girls with Erin Harnett, Rebekah Tyler and Georgie Tingley, Michael Sullivan in the under 17 boys and Rachel Tyler, Cameron Wells and Gabi Holland in the younger age groups. We wish them all well.

What’s happening over the coming week ?

Tuesday September 4 – training at Imberhorne from 7 to 8 (mainly for those doing combined events). This will be the last Tuesday evening session of the year.

Thursday September 6 – training at Imberhorne from 7 to 8.30 (again mainly for those doing combined events). This will be the last Thursday evening session before we have a 3 week break.

Saturday September 8 – day 1 of Sussex Combined Events Championships at Sutton.

Sunday September 9 – day 2 of Sussex Combined Events Championships at Sutton.

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