Back to normal training this week (we hope)

Cancelled training last week

Sorry that we had to cancel training last Thursday evening (as well as the long/triple jump training on Saturday morning). The snow and ice didn’t leave us much choice. So we hope that the messages, plus the notes on the website and on facebook, got through to you all on time. (One of our members did go down to Imberhorne to tell any athletes who turned up that training had been cancelled – but nobody did turn up.)

The weather also led to the cancellation of the inter-county schools cross-country races due to be held in Oxford on Saturday – which Michael Sullivan had been selected for. I don’t know if it will be re-arranged.

However the weather for the coming week looks much less cold and icy and so we hope for a full set of training sessions this week.

Sussex Indoor Championships on February 16 and 17

Time is running out if you are going to enter the Indoor Championships. February 7 is the last dates for entering. But do it NOW and don’t wait.

The last time I looked we had just 4 entries, which is much fewer than we normally see in these championships. The 4 entries so far are Harry Rogers, Mya Lake, Cameron Wells and Isaac Lancaster.

What’s happening in the next week ?

Monday February 4 – circuit training at Imberhorne.

Tuesday February 5 – sprint and long/triple jump training for invited athletes at Imberhorne from 7 to 8.

Thursday February 7 – training for all at Imberhorne from 7 to 8.

Saturday February 9 – training for long/triple jumpers at Imberhorne from 10 to 11.30.

Sunday February 10 – training at East Court from 10.30 to 11.45.

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