Waiting for results for recent matches

Recent matches

We’ve had a couple of matches this week with the under 13s going to K2 on Tuesday evening and then the under 13s and under 15s going to Lewes on Saturday. At this time of year we know that we will be missing some athletes as the school summer holidays approach and the schools arrange a number of end of term activities. So for example Sackville took a group of year 9s to Spain. And some of those in school year 6 and in their last few days at primary school may well have been putting on something a bit special to mark that occasion. Of course it doesn’t just happen in East Grinstead and so numbers were all a bit low in those 2 recent matches.

I haven’t seen the results from either match as yet but we again saw the athletes who could be there doing their very best to score points in the matches and to support each other. In particular with the afternoon weather at Lewes sunny and warm we had lots of parents and lots of athletes spreading themselves out over the grass to make it feel a bit special. And thanks to Phil Rogers who was the acting team manager for the way he spoke to all the athletes (and parents) as they arrived and made sure they knew which events they were doing.

I’ll make more comment when I get the results.

Matches coming up

We do have a couple of matches in the next few days. On Thursday evening July 25 at K2 our under 15s have their third Sussex Under 15 league match of the summer – with a final match a few weeks away on Friday August 30. Ed Kessell and Holly Brinkworth will be looking after things for us.

Then on Sunday July 28 we make the journey to the other side of the River Thames where our under 17s and under 20s will have their last match of the season at Mile End. Team manager Oliver Harnett will be giving our athletes the necessary information about the match.

What’s happening in the next week ?

Monday July 22 – circuit training has finished for the summer. Will re-start in September.

Tuesday July 23 – training at Sackville for all athletes from 7 to 8.

Thursday July 25 – match for under 15 athletes (school years 8 and 9) at K2. First event at 6pm. (No training at Imberhorne for under 15s on that evening.)

Thursday July 25 – training at Imberhorne. 6.45 to 7.45 for under 13s and for middle distance group. 7.30 to 8.45 for other athletes.

Saturday July 27 – academy training at Imberhorne from 11 to 12. THIS IS THE LAST SESSION OF THE SUMMER.

Sunday July 28 – match for under 17s and under 20s (school years 10 and above) at Mile End. First events 11.15.


Please note that we will continue to train on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings through the school summer holidays.

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