Our new secretary plus a reminder of training sessions in the next few weeks

Welcome to our new secretary

A big welcome to Nicola Jardine who is on the point of taking over as our secretary.  Nicola is the mother of Roberta Rush who was in our academy over the summer and will be an under 13 athlete next summer. Roberta has been to most of this year’s Tuesday evening circuit sessions at Imberhorne lower school.

 And a huge thank you to Becky Barrow who has had the role for the last 5 years or so. Thanks very much Becky.

Last Tuesday and Thursday evening training sessions of 2019

Sorry we had to cancel the Thursday evening training session last week – but the rain that fell for much of the day had left the track too wet and slippery.

This coming week will see the last of our evening training sessions for 2019 and we ask our athletes to come festively dressed on Tuesday at Imberhorne Lower School and on Thursday at the Upper School. We will have a break for a couple of weeks before Tuesday evenings re-start on January 7 and Thursday evenings re-start on January 9.

But not the last sessions at East Court

Sessions at East Court will continue of December 22 and 29 – and for those of you looking for some exercise after Christmas we will also have sessions on Friday December 27 and on New Year’s Eve. All East Court sessions start at 10.30 and finish at about 11.45.

What’s happening in the next week ?

Tuesday 17 December – Indoor training at Imberhorne LOWER school for all age-groups from 7pm to 8pm.

Thursday 19 December – Outdoor training at Imberhorne UPPER school for all age-groups from 7pm to 8pm.

Sunday 22 December – East Court training from 10.30 to 11.45

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