Less than 2 months to our first matches

Is the weather going to improve now we are in March ?

We were able to have our Imberhorne jumping session earlier today on the first day of March after 3 weeks of horrible weekend weather. Let’s hope it’s a sign of improved weather as the summer season approaches. Indeed our first matches of the season are now less than 2 months away.

To encourage the weather to improve we will start Tuesday outdoor training later in March – March 24 I think will be the first such outdoor Tuesday evening.

Fixtures for the 2020 summer season

Fixture lists for the summer season are now available and a number of you at Tuesday evening gym training will have received a paper copy. In addition a number of our older athletes will have been e-mailed a copy.

If you’d like a copy then Lester Medcalf will bring copies to training sessions.

What’s happening in the coming week ?

Tuesday 3 March – gym training at Imberhorne LOWER school from 7 to 8.

Thursday 5 March – training at Imberhorne UPPER school from 7 to 8. Long and triple jump training also available from 8 to 8.30.

Sunday 8 March – long and triple jump training at Imberhorne UPPER school from 10.30 to 11.30.

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