A few memories

Yesterday (Saturday April 25) was due to be our first senior match of the season with what would have been an awkward journey to the Parliament Hill track in North London. It is a long time since I went there and my memory is that parking was a real problem.

My own memory of my last trip there in 2002 was that Sarah Butler threw the discus 29.81 metres – which was a new ladies club record. And remained our club record until Rebekah Tyler threw 30.07 metres in a very late throws competition last September.

Malcolm Green also has memories of the Parliament Hill track and he was rather looking forward to this year’s match. Malcolm lived in that part of the world and the Parliament Hill track is where his school athletics championships were held. In particular he remembers becoming his senior school champion. It won’t be a surprise to know that he won the high jump, and then came second in the 440 yards. He thinks he then won the hurdles and he’s not sure if he came third or fourth in the long jump – but, putting it all together, he was the overall champion.

So Malcolm did you get a medal or some other trophy ? If so do you still have it ?

I also received an unusual request from my son Daniel. Could I let him know the pbs for a friend of his – Billy Denyer. Billy was an active senior athlete for the club in the early 2000s. Fortunately I was able to find the details quite easily, although where and exactly when he did them are probably buried in files in my loft. Anyway Billy’s 5000 metres pb was 16:40.3 which he did in 2003. It is the 10th best time by a club member. His 3000 metres steeplechase pb is 10:37.7 which he did in 2004 and this is the 6th best time by a club member.

I don’t know why my son wanted to know these details and I hope I haven’t given anything away. 40th birthdays are not too far away.

The request did indeed make me wonder if athletes – whether you are an athlete from the past or still an active athlete – are aware of their pbs. So as some sort of test I did ask Daniel if he knew his own pbs. He did – 10.8 in the 100 metres, 22.1 in the 200, 49.6 in the 400, 6.57 metres in the long jump and 13.30 metres in the triple.

If you aren’t sure what your own pbs are and would like to know then please let me know and I’ll see what I can find out.


Coronavirus unfortunately continues to rule the world and we hope that you are all coping with the restrictions and that you are all able to keep fit and well. Phil Rogers has been busy giving you things to do on our facebook pages.

3 thoughts on “A few memories

  1. alf smart

    As usual Lester, an excellent article, plus a trip down memory lane.

    Glad to hear that Phil has the lockdown situation under control -I must get my head round this Facebook stuff – once I have finished the garden, I will make it my top priority.

    Alf .

  2. Malcolm Green

    Thanks form the mention Lester… and not mentioning how long ago it was… I received a cup which like our trophies held the names of past winners and was held for a year.

  3. Malcolm

    Thanks for your thanks. I hope this reply reaches you.


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