A television surprise

A surprise

Not sure how many of you watch the BBC television programme “The Repair Shop”. I don’t make a habit of watching it but my wife watches it quite regularly. I caught a brief part of it earlier this week and I was sure that I recognised a couple of people on the programme.

And I did recognise them. And they had connections to us. Tom Dean and his mum Nicky Dean were the people involved. Tom competed for us as an under 13 and under 15 from 2011 to 2014. In 2014 he broke our under 15 club records for both the 800 and 1500 metres – and indeed he still holds the records.

His 800 metres club record time was 2:02.8 and his 1500 metres time was 4:19.3. Both of these times are excellent for an under 15 and he was selected for the 800 metres in the English Schools Championships that year, representing Sussex. He got through his heat and then came 7th in the final.

Surprisingly I don’t think he did either the 800 or 1500 at the Sussex County Championships in May that year but he did do the high jump and long jump. He was second in the high jump and claimed the gold medal in the long jump. At the end of the season he competed in the Sussex Combined Events championships and won another gold medal.

He then moved to the Tonbridge club for the 2015 season, although that turned out to be his last season in athletics.

Mum Nicky took an active interest in the club and was a track judge in a number of our matches.


Coronavirus unfortunately continues to rule the world and we hope that you are all coping with the restrictions and that you are all able to keep fit and well. Phil Rogers has been busy giving you things to do on our facebook pages and a number of you have submitted pictures of you bouncing up and down in your gardens.

2 thoughts on “A television surprise

  1. alf smart

    Yes, I saw Nicky and Tom on TV.
    Nicky has also been an official at the East Grinstead 10k race over the years.

    Alf .

  2. Alf



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