Might we be able to offer some training sessions in the near future ?

As you are probably aware the Government has eased some of the lockdown rules – and in particular groups of up to 6 people are now allowed to spend time together outdoors provided that the “2 metres apart” rules are complied with.

This does raise the possibility of an athletics coach running training sessions for up to 5 athletes as long as the social distancing rules continue to be met. Our coaches have begun to discuss if we can offer some training sessions to our athletes for the rest of the summer.

We do not expect that either Imberhorne School or Sackville School will allow us to use their facilities for the time being – and certainly not before the schools themselves have re-opened – but the various East Grinstead parks are open and might be useable. For example East Court, King Georges Playing Fields and the Imberhorne Lane playing fields offer lots of space. And of course there are the roads.

It is difficult to see throwing, jumping or hurdling taking place at any of these places – though our coaches might well be able to come up with a variety of exercises that would help throwers, jumpers and hurdlers. And some sort of circuit exercises are also possible – press-ups, star jumps etc etc. Provided we all keep 2 metres apart.

We will let you know more in due course. If any of you have any ideas about how we could operate training sessions in small groups over the rest of the summer then please let us know.

However we do need to tell you that it looks extremely unlikely that there will be any track and field competition this year. We have recently heard that the Southern Athletics League for our older athletes has now cancelled its last 2 matches in July and August. And the Sussex under 11 quad kids and under 13 championships due to take place in July have also been cancelled as have the Sussex Combined Events championships which were scheduled to take place in early September.

One thought on “Might we be able to offer some training sessions in the near future ?

  1. alf smart


    Glad to hear of your more optimistic note re training in small groups.

    Like the sound of it.

    Alf .

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