Training and Open Meeting news

Changes to training sessions

This coming Tuesday September 8 our East Court training session will start at 6.30 (and not 6.45) and will finish at about 7.30. This will be the last East Court session BUT we will re-start THURSDAY evening sessions in the following week on Thursday September 17.

These THURSDAY evening sessions will run from 7pm to 8pm and will take place in the Birches Industrial Estate off of Imberhorne Lane. This is about 100 yards north of Imberhorne Upper School and is on the same side as the school. We are hopeful that we might be able to go back to training at the school in the reasonably near future and we will let you know when and if this happens. But for the time being Thursday evening sessions will take place in the Industrial Estate.

Some forthcoming open meetings

We are aware of a couple of local open meetings in the near future, although so far we haven’t seen any information about how you can enter them.

Firstly next SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12 there is meeting at Lewes, covering a range of jumps and throws but no track events.

Then a little further ahead on SUNDAY OCTOBER 4 there is a meeting at Brighton which will hope to include a wide range of events.

But, as I have already said, I haven’t seen any details on how you can enter these events. If anybody does find out how you can enter then please share it with the rest of us.

One thought on “Training and Open Meeting news

  1. alf smart


    Great to see that the Club are organised for winter sessions
    P.S. I also wanted you to have a comment.

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