Future training sessions unsure plus possible races at Ardingly Showground

Future training sessions

With the introduction of new lockdown rules for the next month or so (at least) we aren’t too sure as yet when we will next be able to do some training. When we have more definite news we will let you know.

So a bit of a pity that the weather put paid to last Thursday’s training session at Imberhorne Upper School. However we had another excellent session this morning at East Court. This was the fourth Sunday morning session with a number of athletes from school years 5, 6 and 7 (plus 2 or 3 slightly older athletes) and the enthusiasm and effort has been rather special. The last few autumn/winter Sunday mornings have been a huge disappointment – but this year it’s been much better and I’m enjoying the sessions again.

Some Saturday/Sunday races at Ardingly Showground

We have recently spotted that some runs are being promoted at the Ardingly Showground – though they will probably be affected by the new lockdown rules. Races are planned for Saturday 14 November, Sunday 13 December and Saturday 23 January. 5k races for older athletes and 1 mile races for younger athletes. (If younger athletes don’t know what 1 mile is then ask your mum and dad !).

More information on www.pb5k.co.uk. Though I think the November races are likely to be affected by the new lockdown rules.  

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