Tony Elder

Older club members – in particular from the later 1990s – will remember that Tony Elder was one of our coaches for 2 or 3 years. His speciality was middle distance and in particular we remember him working with Tony Read. However his experience also enabled him to help Georgina Hayward get to the English Schools championships in the high jump.

We’re sorry to have to tell you that he has recently died at the age of 86.

Tony was a highly qualified coach and after his time with us he helped to coach a number of good athletes. He had been a school teacher (in time becoming a head master), with history being his particular subject. After retiring from teaching in the mid 1990s he took on a number of rolls for the Sussex Schools Athletics Association. In particular he was responsible for organising the English Schools Cross-Country Championships (for both boys and girls) in 2003 at Stanmer Park in Brighton – a number of our own officials were involved on that particular day.

Our current club president Lester Medcalf had met Tony much earlier – in 1963. That year was Lester’s last year at school in Southend-on-Sea and was Tony’s first year as Head of History at the same school – although history was not one of Lester’s A-level subjects. As it happens the teacher that Tony took over from as Head of History was Rex Tregunna who was also an athletics coach and who had helped to coach Lester in his school days.

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