No results yet/next opportunity to compete/any old vests ?

Sussex Festival of Athletics

We had a number of athletes taking part in last Saturday’s Festival of Athletics for Sussex athletes at K2. The weather was wet and windy for the first hour or so before the rain went away though the blustery wind stayed with us all day. I haven’t been able to collect the results for our athletes and I’ll bring you news of the results as and when I find out.

Meeting on Wednesday May 26 at Lewes

On the evening of WEDNESDAY MAY 26 our under 15s (school years 8 and 9) and under 17s (school years 10 and 11) have the opportunity to compete in a meeting at Lewes. We had originally thought that it was the responsibility of the club to enter athletes into the meeting, but it turns out that athletes have to enter themselves.

Full information is available on the Sussex Athletics website and we would ask you to read it and then get in your entry very promptly. There are limited numbers of places available in all of the events and you need to have paid your club annual membership fee to be able to compete.

Have you grown out of your club vest ?

We would like to build up a supply of second-hand club vests, especially for our youngest athletes to wear when they go to the under 11 quad kids championships. This is the only occasion on which they need to wear a club vest. Of course a second-hand vest for this year’s event could then become a third-hand vest next summer, and then a fourth-hand vest for the year after that etc etc.  


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