It’s great to be able to bring you more news of our competing athletes

Thursday evening meeting at K2 for under 13s and under 11s

Just a few days after the league match at K2 on Saturday June 5 many of our under 13 athletes were back at K2 for another meeting on Thursday evening. Again the sun shone though as the evening progressed  it began to feel a little on the chilly side. (I was helping to judge a couple of long jump events and the stand at K2 blocks out the sun in the late afternoon and evening and I wished I brought thicker clothing !)

And many of our returning athletes produced new pbs. Bella Bowditch had run 11.5 in the 75 metres in the previous match but now only took 11.0 seconds as she won her race. She doubled up in the 150 metres and again came first in 22.4 seconds. Elsa Dehele-Svendsen added a few centimetres in her long jump, although Harrison Eales was a little disappointed that his javelin didn’t go quite as far this time. Leo Hawkes and Cadan Mackenzie had both run the 1200 metres in the Saturday match but found the Thursday evening 1000 metres more to their taste.

We also had a few athletes competing who hadn’t been able to compete on the previous Saturday. Ashleigh Levett in the 75 metres and a third place in her 600 metres. Leo Sena had a go at both the long jump and javelin – his javelin not always landing the right way up but a best throw of over 16 metres was a good start. Olive Maranzano finished his 1000 metres run with a strong finish to pinch third place in the last 10 metres. Oran Scott showed that if he could find the long jump take-off board more consistently then he would get close to 4 metres in the next few weeks – his mum was a long-jumper and will do her best to get him closer to the board.

And for the under 11s Milly Carew ran both the 75 and 150 metres while Ewan McCabe and Rohan Porter did the 600 metres – practice for one of the events that under 11s will do in the quad kids competition they will do later in the summer.

attempts in the girls javelin. Strong runs in the sprints from Bella Bowditch, Eryn Oddy, Ollie Strange and Albert Holroyd saw another string of pbs – and excellent runs in their first attempts at the 300 metres from Ollie and Alex Thompson. Back to the throws and Albert Holroyd added another few centimetres to his discus best.

And thanks to Phil Rogers sorting out lots of problems with the league’s computer results system and then to Sarah Barton for collecting the results on Saturday as the match went on and putting them into the league’s system.

Sussex Schools Championships on Saturday June 12

We had just one of our athletes competing at the Sussex Schools event at K2. Ella Kessell threw the hammer just a little bit further with a best of 24.45 metres. She will get another go at the second day of these championships on this coming Saturday.

Match for senior athletes as well as under 20s and under 17s on Sunday June 20

Our older athletes will have their first league match of the summer on this coming Sunday June 20, again at K2. We’re not too sure how many athletes we will have available but we wish them all well – with maybe a few pbs ? First events are at midday.

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