News from last Saturday’s match

Saturday’s Match for under 13s and under 15s at K2

Warm sunny weather is always good for athletes and that’s what we had for our match at K2 on Saturday. For most of our athletes this was their first experience of club athletics and with the support of parents we had a great day. We were by a long way the smallest of the 5 teams taking part in the match but that wasn’t important. Most of the other clubs – Crawley and Tonbridge especially – are always going to have more athletes than us (and in more normal non-coronavirus seasons we would be in a different division to such clubs).

Our team of 13 athletes – Bella Bowditch, Elsa Dehele-Svenden, Eryn Oddy, Nell Mackie, Grace Hill, Harrison Eales, Leo Hawkes, Cadan Mackenzie, James Vermeer, Ollie Strange, Albert Holroyd, Harry Rogers and Alex Thompson – supported by Leo Sena and lots of parents produced a number of pbs (personal bests). Harrison Eales perhaps producing the best performance of the day with  21.47 metres in the under 13 javelin with Leo Hawkes 14.49 metres in the same event. And Elsa Dehel-Svendsen and Eryn Oddy also had their first attempts in the girls javelin. Strong runs in the sprints from Bella Bowditch, Eryn Oddy, Ollie Strange and Albert Holroyd saw another string of pbs – and excellent runs in their first attempts at the 300 metres from Ollie and Alex Thompson. Back to the throws and Albert Holroyd added another few centimetres to his discus best.

And thanks to Phil Rogers sorting out lots of problems with the league’s computer results system and then to Sarah Barton for collecting the results on Saturday as the match went on and putting them into the league’s system.

Meeting at K2 for under 13s on Thursday June 10

Our under 13s have an immediate opportunity to improve on their performances above with a meeting again at K2 on this coming Thursday evening. Entries have been extended to include under 11s in many of the track events, although it is now too late to make any entries.

Training this week

Training as usual this week at Sackville on Tuesday from 6.30 to 7.30 and then at Imberhorne Upper School on Thursday from 7 to 8. Because of the above under 13 meeting there will be no training on Thursday for under 13s. All other age-groups will however train as normal on Thursday evening.

Sussex Schools Championships this coming Saturday June 12

The first day of the above Championships – for those in school years 8 up to 11 – take place on Saturday June 12 at K2. This event is a school event and not a club event and it is with your school that take any queries about the meeting. To date we appear to have just one athlete taking part with Ella Kessell throwing the hammer in the 10 and 11 year age-group.

A second day of the championships for school years 12 and 13 will take place on the following Saturday June 19 again at K2. We have no information about entries and you should talk to your school with any queries.

The day following June 19 – hence Sunday June 20 – our adult and school years 10 and above will have their first senior league match of the summer. And guess where it takes place ? Why K2 of course.

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