Last Saturday at K2

A deleted team of just 7 athletes for our senior match did their best but inevitably we didn’t score too many points, not that that matters too much in the league this season. Just one first place and that was a bit of a surprise because the athlete who gained the first place was not supposed to be there. A quick dash saw Eddie Vermeer arrive just in time for the discus on his return from holiday. Which he then went on to win !

Otherwise Abigail O’Shaughnessy’s first attempt at the triple jump saw her jump a very respectable 9.00 metres and it was good to see Josh Hobbs able to compete for the first time this summer in the 1500 and 5000 metres races. Both Amelia Barton and Lucy Rogers kept themselves busy during the afternoon in their various events.

Thank you to the athletes who were there and did their best.

Training this week

Tuesday and Thursday at Sackville of course from 6.30 to 7.30. However we are not expecting to use the track this week as the school are due to be getting things ready for the autumn/winter sports. If we can’t use the track then we’ll be using the grass playing fields.




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