A rather different training week

It’s been a different sort of week for training

Last Thursday the track at Imberhorne Upper School was undergoing some repairs, which meant that we trained in the sportshall. There’s plenty of room in the sportshall and all of our groups joined together for a series of team races – sprints, sprints with exercises in the middle of each run, sprints starting with some 2 footed jumps and then starting with some hops, as well as a chest throw competition.

Then Sunday morning training at East Court was blown away by the wind and rain that we had in the morning. Though the weather made a rapid recovery in the afternoon with blue skies, a lighter wind and no rain.

Let’s hope everything’s back to normal this week. We’ll be back outdoors on the Imberhorne Upper School track this coming Thursday November 4 from 6.30 to 7.30 and let’s hope that next Sunday morning’s weather is both drier and calmer. Hope to see you at East Court from 10.30 to 11.30.

Sussex cross-country league match 2 on Saturday 13 November

The second cross-country league match takes place soon at Stanmer Park in Brighton. Entries can be made on line and we’d like to see a few more of you taking part to support Josh Hobbs and Oliver Maranzano.

Any queries then please ask one of the coaches.

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