A Long Running Family Rivalry

29th June – Eddie Vermeer

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy athletics wise.  We’ve had senior matches in Poole and Wimbledon, QuadKids in Brighton, committee meetings and Sports Council meetings, not to mention training nights, club champ nights and tomorrrows John Rogers Sprint Night.  All in all, trying to find time to fit some running in is proving particularly difficult this year to what I remember last year.  However, needs must and all that so I’ve tried to do something.  Two weeks ago, I managed a run of 5.5km, 1 week ago I managed 4.9km and yesterday I managed 6.3km.  True, I’m not going to set the world of athletics alight with the times set.  In fact, at those paces, I’m not even going to close to fanning the flames.  But for me, it’s still about the build up of stamina and running in the legs and if there’s time before September, I’ll try some speed work.

I still don’t enjoy running up the hills of East Grinstead – you can’t get away from them so you just have to face them head on – but I think there are some small improvements appearing now so I’ve got to be happy with them.  This Saturday sees another match, this time in Portsmouth.  Hopefully, I can get a run in during the week again and perhaps start heading towards 2 or 3 runs a week again…….

4th June – Hannah Bryant

Had a few weeks of slacking.

I’m still going….I haven’t been able to do as much as I would like to have done but I’m still enjoying the runs. Tonight the couch to 5k went up to 20 minutes with no stopping. I felt really nervous about it, but I did it! I felt really chuffed as I thought I would have to stop. More than once! The stitch kicked in in the last 3 minutes but I powered through!!!!! Now I’ve got to build it up to 30 mins and maybe try some outside runs. Add some hills in the mix. Maybe I’ll challenge Ed to a speed run up that hill

31st May – Eddie Vermeer

So just over a week ago, I managed to get a slightly longer run in.  It was hard work running up East Court but I was determined and couldn’t find an excuse not to do it.  In fact, I then did it again on bank holiday Monday morning.  The difference this time was that I tagged a long bike ride on the end.  Surprisingly, the bike ride wasn’t to bad.

The rest of the week was focused on the senior teams match on Saturday, all the way down in Poole.  Training for this went well, though the performance wasn’t so good.  Sunday this week was a day of rest with my eldest turning 9 and enjoying a sleep over with friends.  Hopefully, this week will see another run or two before next weekend where I’m competing in the Sussex Masters event for the first time.

I’m certainly seeing a slow change – cycling further isn’t so tiring now and I was pleased with my stamina with the runs.  But 10km is a lot further so there’s a lot more to do…..

20th May – Eddie Vermeer

This last week or so has been hard work.  Last Sunday started well with a good long bike ride and a steep hill at Withyham half way round.  This was looking like it could be a good week coming up.  Then Monday started and I was full of cold and coughing and the chance to go for a run vanished faster than I could blow my nose.  Each day saw little improvement.  Even by the Saturday, warming up with the Academy wasn’t much fun as I coughed and spluttered.  So round to Sunday and a flatter bike ride where I ended up going to Maidenbower and back.  Not to much coughing afterwards but due to another busy week, it looks like it will be Friday this week with my first run in a long time.  For a thrower it feels wrong to say this, but I miss running when I don’t do it !

10th May – Hannah Bryant

I’m nearly on my 4th week of running. I’ve trusted Laura – the voice in my phone – when she says I could do it – and I really have. Time running without a break is increasing (3 minutes) but the best thing is I’m looking forward to it each time. In only a few weeks I can feel and see a difference. I have leg muscles and my stomach is smaller. I’ve lost over half a stone! In fact I tried on a t-shirt today I couldn’t wear before and I now fit in it! Yay! I’m keeping everything as varied as possible. Going to the gym, a run on the treadmill and I’ve invested in a new exercise video which is really good. As soon as you see and feel benefits, it pushes you to keep going. I actually look forward to it! I’ve always said I was too busy but actually, once I saw a bit of change I began to feel hooked. That all said, I can see that soon I will be able to run 8 minutes without stopping….I will put my trust in Laura and see how it goes.

5th May – Eddie Vermeer

Trying to juggle a family, getting fitter to run 10k, competing and work can be hard work.  On the last Saturday of April, I was down in Hastings throwing a shot, a hammer, a javelin and a discus for the club in the seniors match.  It went well, but come Sunday, I was feeling the effects with a lot of aches and pains.  However, setting the alarm for 0620 on that Sunday morning meant I was still able to get up and out and cycle, a short run on Monday and a club training night on Tuesday.

By the end of the week, I’d also managed to meet Sir Nicholas Soames to discuss the BackTheEGTrack campaign on Friday, coaching at the Academy on Saturday morning and then a family trip for a night to Cadburys World.  Now, there is a lot of chocolate there so just in case I gave in, I managed a swim.

Bank Holiday Monday and another early alarm call to do a short run and a bike ride and out of the house by 0700.

The most important thing is to get out training 3 times a week and that’s hard.  However, mixing it up a bit to train different parts of my body will, I hope, help make a difference.  It’s probably time that I start to transition to more and longer runs over the next few weeks.  And with the knowledge my sister is continuing her training, the incentive is there to keep pushing.

27th April – Hannah Bryant

I used to be fit. I loved sports – and then I had 2 kids. I just didn’t have the time to go to a gym.

The threat of going on holiday with friends, later this year, forced me to face up to the fact that I needed to exercise and lose a few pounds. But I wanted to get fit and healthier at the same time. It would be in a hot country and I didn’t want to hide away. The plan was to tie losing a few pounds in with finally getting fit and hopefully feeling a bit more confident because of it too. So, I asked my brother and my dad to finally help lift the running machine out of the garage and into the house (the one I’ve never used), and they did so. My husband even wiped the dust off, and my children had a go to show me how easy it was!

Then came the cheery suggestion from the big bro “Shall we do the 10k together?”. Hmmmmm…..I’m not quick at thinking on the spot and I really couldn’t think of an excuse, especially standing next to the machine whizzing with a 9 year old on it. However, I like a challenge, and I thought this would be a good way to keep me on track – especially with a goal at the end of it. So, I heard myself agree…..and got on the treadmill…. once everyone else was in bed.

The first proper run…

Edward suggested an app to get me going. Couch to 5k. I decided I would try it as it has a lady who tells you when and where to start running. I like to know I’m doing the right thing. I was a little unsure about running for the first time – especially for a whole minute! But, I downloaded it, and I did it. To my surprise I completed the first run on the treadmill (amazing what watching the TV does at the same time – you hardly notice you’re actually running!!!!). I struggled a bit, I won’t lie – I had to turn the sound up on the TV to get me through ‘the wall’ (where I nearly stopped and gave up) but I just about managed it. I felt good for doing it. I now just had to keep it up.

The first few runs.

I also joined the gym in January. I even have a friend who joined with me. We went a few times but didn’t keep it up. So, I text her. I told her about the app and she came armed with this on her phone! I didn’t really feel confident enough to run in the gym – silly, I know, but most people, I felt, were running for a long time and I didn’t want them to see me running for just a minute. Especially as to me, it was a WHOLE minute! However, my friend stuck to her guns and completed the first run. This made me think. If she can do it, I can. I would join her next time. No excuses.

My second run, to my surprise felt a little easier and my third even more so…. and I’ve just completed my fourth run AT THE GYM….and even managed a few weights afterwards!!! The run was for 90 second reps, with 2 minutes walking in between – but it felt good. Maybe I’m getting fitter already!?

19th April – Eddie Vermeer

In January 2014, after many many years as a member of the club throwing implements around a field, I decided to take up running. Not running to collect the implements so I could throw them again. But proper running. Running where you actually get proper trainers and have a phone that records where you run and running clothes. This was a new world that was scary and had the potential to end very quickly.

Deciding that having never run before, I thought my best course of action would be to enter a race. So as soon as I could, I signed up for the EG10K. So I had my goal, I had an NHS couch to 5K program and a lot of work ahead. The end result ? I made it to the race, I completed the course and found I enjoyed running.

So this year, I’ve decided to do the same again, only starting from a position of being slightly fitter. And I’ve sort of got a running buddy – I’ve challenged one of the mums of our Academy athletes to join me. She also happens to be my sister.

So with thanks to an idea from the club secretary Mary Lord to set up a blog, an idea from me to make it by the both of us, here we are in April 2015 with me having cycled 24km this morning and Hannah having started the NHS couch to 5km program this evening.

We will hope to post updates on progress until 27th September when the race takes place. We even have a joint family holiday to look forward to close to the race for a week. A week to discuss race tactics, pre race preparations and comparing blisters perhaps ! Should be fun for the rest of the family 🙂

So until the next update – keep running !

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