2014 / 2015 Sportshall Results

Sunday 9th November

EventPosition (A)AthletePerformancePosition (B)AthletePerformance
2 Lap U115thLuci Sydenham25.7s3rdHannah Plumb25.7s
2 Lap U136thKate Snowsill26.8s6thLucy Rogers27.4s
2 Lap U153rdRoisin Bell23.1s
6 Lap U131stJemma Edgar1:22.8
4x1 Lap U115th51.9s
Vertical Jump U136thKate Snowsill33
Vertical Jump U153rdRoisin Bell506thJess Shepherd36
Shot Put U133rdJemma Edgar7.02m5thLucy Rogers4.30m
Shot Put U154thJess Shepherd5.45m
Speed Bounce U113rd=Hannah Plumb474th=Olivia Aston41
Standing Long Jump U116thFreya Healiss1.65m4thLuci Sydenham1.63m
Standing Long Jump U133rdJemma Edgar2.11m6thLucy Rogers1.52m
EventPosition (A)AthletePerformancePosition (B)AthletePerformance
2 Lap U115thCameron Wells25.4s3rdDaniel Le Roy25.6s
2 Lap U153rdJamie Holme21.7s4thScott Shepherd23.8s
4 Lap U136thJack Sanders56.9s
4 Lap U153rdSam Havers47.5s
4x1 Lap U115th52.3s
Vertical Jump U153rdJamie Osborne561stJamie Holme54
Shot Put U134thIllya Zverev7.00m
Shot Put U152ndJamie Osborne8.39m
Speed Bounce U115thOscar Vaughan455thFinley Denman43
Speed Bounce U136thJack Sanders48
Standing Long Jump U114thFinley Denman1.78m5thCameron Wells1.57m
Standing Long Jump U134thJack Sanders1.88m
Standing Long Jump U151stJamie Osborne2.52m3rdJamie Holme2.04m

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