2015 YDL U17/U20 Results

Saturday 18th April 2015 – Southampton

100m (U17)Jamie Holme3rd11.7sB
200m (U17)Jamie Holme4th24.1sA
400m (U17)Jamie Osborne6th59.6mA
1500m (U17)Harry Durgan4th4:43.9A
High Jump (U17)Jamie Osborne6th1.50mA
Long Jump (U20)Rienel Bronilla5th5.12mA
Long Jump (U17)Jamie Osborne6th5.09mA
Triple Jump (U17)Rienel Bronilla2nd10.38mA
Shot Putt (U17)Harry Durgan4th6.97mA
Javelin (U20)Harry Durgan3rd16.84mB
100m (U20)Abby Beswick3rd12.5sA
200m (U20)Abby Beswick3rd25.4sA
1500m (U17)Tara Deeley5th5:49.5A
80mH (U17)Lois Drummie1st12.5sA
100mH (U20)Sarah Bentley2nd22.3sB
300mH (U17)Lois Drummie2nd49.3sA
400mH (U20)Sarah Bentley3rd89.3sA
Long Jump (U20)Abby Beswick2nd5.60mA
Shot Putt (U20)Abby Beswick2nd9.21mA
Shot Putt (U20)Sarah Bentley1st6.97mB
Javelin (U17)Lois Drummie6th26.74mA

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