2013 Year 7 and 8 Girls Race

Years 7&8 cross country @ East Court Sunday 13th October 2013



Position Name School Time
1st Sophie Crooks Ardingly 12.19
2nd Abby Jackson Lingfield Notre Dame 12.50
3rd Jemma Edgar Sackville 13.01
4th Grace Vans Agnew Ardingly 13.03
5th Talia Patel Lingfield Notre Dame 13.05
6th Katie Wheeler Sackville 13.20
7th Scarlett Wood Lingfield Notre Dame 13.32
8th Elise Hooper Ardingly 13.38
9th Naomi Insole Imberhorne 13.40
10th Kate Geraghty Imberhorne 13.41
11th Jade Edgar Sackville 14.28
12th Amy Cowley Lingfield Notre Dame 14.30
13th Risa Burberry Lingfield Notre Dame 14.32
14th Lille Thompson Ardingly 14.35
15th Amber West Imberhorne 14.41
16th Poppy Benton Lingfield Notre Dame 14.56
17th Lilea Wellberove Sackville 14.57
18th Natasha Smyth Sackville 14.58
19th Jessica Saunders Imberhorne 15.15
20th Hannah Smith Ardingly 15.31
21st Louise Picton Imberhorne 15.52
22nd Holly McGurry Lingfield Notre Dame 16.01
23rd Eloise Maraner Imberhorne 16.58
24th Millie Warren Ardingly 17.55


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